Social Media Management Dubai


A time saving exercise for you, with the assumption we’re always right.

We connect your brand with the trendsetters, keeping you ahead. Why does it matter? This sets the stage for a lively social media plan aligned with your business goals. We zone in on the platforms that fuel maximum engagement, focusing where it counts. Our insights delve into audience details, fueling your brand to create impactful, real-world content. No more just ideas – we bring tangible, data-backed insights.

Our team lives and breathes social media, tracking daily trends to keep you ahead. We not only benchmark you against competitors & global market leaders but rigorously audit your channels,
ensuring you don’t just keep up with the best  you surpass them.

Strategy & Research

You’re in because you know we’ve got the goods. We’re not just talk; we’re the agency that ramps up your business with serious tech skills to prove it. Now, let’s get down to it. We’ll craft a social media strategy that fits your vibe, boosting your brand’s online presence. Whether it’s managing your socials or spicing up content, we’ve got it covered.
Our track record? Proven results across the board. We’re here to elevate your brand, drive sales, and make your business stand out. We’replanning a strategy that sets you up for a whole year, nailing the best content and channels. Looking to hit a sales goal? We’ve got a marketing strategy cooking that gets results. It’s what we do, and it’s all about giving you the edge.


What is the essence of a strategy? It’s choosing what NOT to do Strategy and research are essential components of any successful social media plan and campaign. Why? Strategy and research are the backbone of a strong social media game.

Get to know your crowd

A solid social media strategy digs into your audience’s demographics, interests, and behaviors. This intel helps you tailor content and messaging, hitting the right notes to achieve your goals.

Set targets

Crafting a social media strategy helps you define clear, measurable goals. With targets in place, track your progress and tweak your game plan as needed to hit your desired outcomes.

Map out content

Research on your audience, industry trends, and rivals sets the stage for killer content.
A well-thought-out calendar ensures you’re consistently sharing top-notch stuff that clicks with your audience and backs your campaign goals.

Measure wins

A winning social media game calls for ongoing analysis. Set specific goals, track key metrics, and gauge your campaign’s success.


Time is money, wasted time means wasted money – which is no good for anyone right? We save hours of your time which means you can do the things you want to do, instead of running around the metaverse. We put the hours in so you don’t have to.

Let’s break it down. Anything digital? We have you covered, our strong existing relationships with Google and Facebook means you don’t have to get lost in the metaverse. We do this for you!

Here are the basic components that will be included in a full digital alignment:

  • Instagram Account Setup
  • Facebook Page Setup
  • Linking of Meta platforms (WhatsApp, FB, IG) and verified
  • Google Business Account (Verified business on Google Maps)
  • Google Ads Account Setup
  • Business Email Setup (Google Workspace)
  • Meta Business Manager Setup
  • TikTok Business Manager Setup
  • TikTok Ads Manager Setup

Analytics (aka the Metaverse)

Analytics tools allow you to track and analyze your digital marketing performance. Metadata can be used to track specific metrics and improve overall performance. By incorporating metadata into your digital marketing channels, you can optimize your performance, improve your SEO, and drive more conversions. By incorporating metadata into your digital marketing channels, you can optimize your performance, improve your SEO, and drive more conversions.

Graphic Design

In the social media hustle, first impressions stick. You wouldn’t post an awkward selfie, right? Your business profile deserves the same vibe. Graphic design is the MVP of visual talk. It mixes images, typography, color, and layout to shout your ideas loud and clear. For businesses doing their thing, graphic design is a must. Grassroots dives into it all, adding the edge to make sure you’re anything but basic.

Our graphic design menu:

  • Social Media Graphics: Deck out your social media with standout visuals – profile pictures, cover photos, story designs, and highlights – all crafted to boost your brand.
  • Advertisements: We cook up eye-catching graphics for online ads, including display ads and social media promos, to amp up business awareness.
  • Email Marketing Templates: Tailored templates for your email campaigns, featuring exceptional layout, design, and imagery.
  • Marketing Collateral: From brochures to banners, flyers, and business cards – we design promo materials that grab attention both online and offline.
  • Presentation Design: We craft presentations for your sales team, investors, or stakeholders, ensuring your pitch for products or services is a knockout.


Content is the KING in a crowded market – the real game-changer. Let’s face it, killer content makes brands pop. If your content isn’t hitting hard, you’re just another face in the crowd.
At Grassroots, we own this game, confidently saying, ‘We get your vibe.’ No fixed content packages here. We roll with a ‘one content day a month’ policy, bringing a squad – photographer, videographer, social media maestro, and a sidekick – to capture the good stuff, your way


Here’s the gist of a content creation day:

  • Pre-game: Concept ideas, shot-lists, and logistics sorted pre-shoot.
  • Set-up: Early birds get the shots. The team gears up and preps the location.
  • Action: Photographer and videographer duo dive into the planned shots.
  • Live Review: On-the-spot checks to make sure we’re nailing it.
  • Post-game: Editing, grading, and sound vibes – either on the spot or after the dust settles.


We treat your account like it’s our own. Organic social media prowess? We’ve nailed it. Genuine love for likes, a flair for analytics, and an obsession with killer content – that’s the
Grassroots way. Check this out:

  • Planned Brilliance: We craft content plans upfront, laser-focused on your KPIs. Think posts, stories, images, and videos on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or LinkedIn.
  • Caption Wizards: Our bilingual skills means your captions hit in English and/or Arabic.
  • Fan Chat: We’re on it, responding to comments, messages, and shoutouts, sparking real convos and building a community online.
  • Narrative Mastery: Storytelling is our secret sauce, and your brand’s journey is our canvas.
  • Hashtag Hype: We cook up and drop a hashtag strategy to crank up your reach and visibility.
  • Ears to the Ground: Social listening is our jam – we track brand mentions and related buzz, jumping into the conversation.
  • Numbers Game: We’re all about analytics –dissecting engagement, reach, and follower growth. It’s not just data; it’s the roadmap for future awesomeness.

Your brand, our playground – no fuss, just results.


Boost your community, spark engagement that’s our game!
Grassroots flips the script on community feels. We don’t just build; we create digital spaces where your brand thrives and chats flourish.

  • Real Connections: Dive into genuine interactions. We’re the architects of a buzzing online scene, where your brand connects with the community.
  • Engagement Fire: We fuel engagement with killer
    content and snappy responses. Our team keeps the
    convos alive.
  • Proactive Moves: Stay ahead with us. We track trends, spot opportunities, and jump into relevant convos real quick.
  • Tailored Brilliance: Our unique strategies match your
    brand vibe, guaranteeing results that go beyond the norm.
  • Track the Impact: More than just talks – we bring measurable impact. Watch community growth, engagement with clear-cut reporting.

Your brand’s party, and we’re the life of it!


Not into the ‘spend money to make money’ mantra? Cool, this isn’t your gig. But let’s be real – in our world, it’s the golden rule for raking in the revenue.
Paid ads are the secret sauce: they pull in sales, sales mean profit, and profit? That’s your business blowing up! Spend 10k, make 30k – drop 30k, you’re looking at 90k. Simple math, right? But where do you drop that cash? Cue us.

Paid social media ads are like rocket fuel for your business. They amp up your reach, nail targeting, and deliver measurable wins. We’ll handle your Instagram and Facebook ads, managing audiences to max out that reach. Up to 3 social channels? Consider it done.


Lost in the tech talk? We’ve got your back. Google Ads and Google Display Ads are the real MVPs – boosting your business to the right
crowd, cranking up brand vibes, and driving web traffic. Google Ads? Your site’s right at the top in relevant searches.
Google Display Ads? Catch potential customers as they surf the web. We’re taking over the Google game, handling campaigns, and fine-tuning keywords. Think both Google Search and Display ads – all


Post-campaign, we’re all about the nitty-gritty. Numbers speak volumes, and we get it. We whip up a no-nonsense report, breaking down the campaign’s wins, losses and learning points. It’s not just stats; it’s the roadmap for future wins.


Contact us today and let’s start achieving your ambitious goals together!

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