Meet Grassroots

Content Led

We are a team of content lead, forward thinking social media specialists – with balls!

If you’re looking for an agency that goes against the grain, isn’t afraid to use any tactics to get people talking, and an agency that would rather see you dead than unfollowed? Then we’re the agency for you.

Grassroots was established by a team of digital creative experts, with a crystal clear vision of providing a modern and exciting creative agency that understands the present day requirements of design and the crucial aspects of social media marketing and growth. 

If you want to take your business or brand to the next level, Grassroots has what it takes to level you up in the digital space. We make your passion, our passion – and we grow together.

Meet The Team

Jamie Cormack


Alex Thorp


Arian Hashemi

Director / Design

Hannah Kai

Business Strategist

Christofer Riffo

Head of design


Chief Pupper Officer

Tiffany Barrett

Head of Socials

Inam Ellahi

Website Developer

Vlad Simanko

Digital Marketer

Jordan Rennie

social media account manager

Eyad Al Khalaf

Website Designer/Developer

Atif Khan

Content Creator

Khym PD

Social Media Manager


Graphic Designer

Amara Chaudhry



Social Media Account Manager


Operations Assistant

Hamza Zaidi

Content Creator

Izzy Jacques

Social Media Account Manager


logistics coordinator

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